Thomas-On-Sea (OO)

It's all go for Thomas the tank engine and his friends, with passengers to carry and trucks to shunt at the docks before the day is through!

Designed for the younger generation, this Thomas-themed layout incorporates numerous scenes from the classic TV series and books, such as Bulstrode the barge on his beach and Trevor the traction engine in his orchard.

The layout has a twin track oval running line, and off to one side are the docks, where the engines can shunt the troublesome trucks into line before they are taken away; the docks have been wired so as to be controlled separately to the main running line, which allows for greater operational flexibility and entertainment.
And when all the hard work is done, the engines can retire to their shed for a well-earned rest.

The layout measures 4ft x 5ft (or 7ft x 7ft with operating space,) can be viewed from all sides if desired, is self-supporting and stands approximately 3ft off the ground. If available, a stock table to seclude under the layout would be welcome, but would need to be within the provided dimensions. Two operators will usually attend with this layout, which requires one power point.
Minimum expenses for Thomas-On-Sea would be £60, subject to fuel price increases.

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  1. Hi Owen I remember seeing your Thomas on sea at garons park last year it was amazing